How to Measure Yourself

If you are unable to visit one of our locations, we can still assist you in finding your perfect fit. To begin, we will need three measurements. Grab a friend and a measuring tape and let’s begin!

We suggest taking these measurements with your best fitting bra on, but without a shirt on. It is best to have someone else do the actual measuring, and will also provide the most accurate measurements. It will likely be easiest to take these measurements while facing each other.

First measurement around the rib cage

First – Run the measuring tape around the ribs, directly beneath the breasts. If your current bra is not lifting your breasts off of your torso, then we suggest holding them up so your assistant is able to get a measurement from right underneath your breasts. Pull the measuring tape snug and make note of this measurement.


Second – Move the tape to just above the breast, while keeping the measuring tape under the arms. If you put down your arms the measuring tape should be held up by your underarms. Again, pull the measuring tape snug and make note of the measurement.

Third measurement over the fullest part of the bust

Third – The final measurement will be taken around the fullest part of the bust. Make sure that your measuring tape is parallel to the floor and hitting at the apex of the current bra, the fullest part of the bust. If your arms are up, drop them to your sides (this will usually change the measurement by about an inch) and for this measurement hold the tape loosely. You want it to be snug enough that the tape remains parallel to the ground, but loose enough that you are not squeezing any of the tissue you have it wrapped around. Make note of this measurement.

Once you have these three measurements, give us a call at any of our locations and we will be able to determine a good starting point for your size and can assist you with selecting bras based on these measurements. As noted in our explanation of what to expect during a fitting, the measuring tape is not always 100% accurate, and once you receive your bras, we would encourage you to try them on and give us a call so we can determine if these are indeed the best size and style for your body based on how they fit.