Bra Care

Bra Care

To extend the life of your lingerie, it's important to follow a few rules.

1. Rotate your bras, never wearing the same bra 2 days in a row. It will be stretched and damp at the end of the day, so a day of rest in between wearing allows it to dry out and the elastics to shrink back to their intended shape. 

2. The more bras you have in your rotation, the longer each will last, and the less bra washing you will have to do!  The fewer bras you have, the quicker they will wear out from overuse.  The heavier your breasts, the more frequently you will need to add new bras to your rotation.

3.  Hand washing is BEST, and we recommend Soak Lingerie Wash. Bras should be washed every 1-3 wearings.

Is hand-washing too fussy for you?  Then use a gentle detergent like Soak in the machine on the delicate cycle in cold water.  Hook your bras and secure them in a zipper net bag so they don't get tangled or snag one another.