Bras for Brides

Bras for Brides

Planning for your wedding is not only about the big event, it's about your life together with the one you love! 

Years ago a woman entered into marriage with a trousseau of all the intimate apparel she would need to get her through her first year of marriage. Don't let this tradition die!  Fill your drawers with lovely lingerie that evokes the passion and power of you.  In addition to that wedding day bustier, garter, and elegant first night of marriage peignoir set (gown and robe), you need basics to get you through your week such as t-shirt, plunge bra and panty sets, strapless, sports and all kinds of pjs and loungewear so you look as cute as you feel! 

Make sure your panty drawer is up to date, too, uniting as one is a great time to purge those oldies and replace them with fresh, well fitting undies. 

Bring in your bridal dress and have your bridal attendants do the same so we can help you find the perfect foundations for the big day.