Unhappy with your Bathing Suit? It’s time you try Bra-Sized Swimwear!

Raise your hand if you struggle to find a swimsuit you feel confident in. While you're at it, when you raise your hand, do your boobs fall out of your bathing suit top? Because the struggle is real. And are your boobs smashed and spilling out like a hot mess? Or maybe you’ve found a bathing suit or two that support the girls, but the rest of the suit is too loose everywhere else and looks like a baggy mess. If you're in one of these situations, you’re not alone. But that’s okay because we’re about to open your eyes to the world of cup-sized swimwear. Band and cup specific swimsuits will completely change how you think about bathing suits if your cup runneth over!

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Bra-Sized Swim: Why it Matters

Like a perfectly fitted bra, bra-sized swimwear uses your band and cup size combination to create lift and support the breasts so they sit up higher on your torso. Your lifted bustline creates an hourglass look, elongating your waist in a lengthy, elegant way that we promise you will love.

Not only will your girls look better in a bra-sized swimsuit, they’ll also be locked and loaded so you can focus on having more fun in the sun. And no, it won’t look like you’re wearing a bra on the beach because bra-sized swimwear has evolved and it's now cute and trendy – but with secret inside support! Sexy plunges, strapless bandeaus, full coverage bathing suits, and everything in between. Bra-sized bikini tops, tankinis, and 1 piece swimsuits that are the perfect band and cup combination will fit your breasts and ribcage as if they were custom made, making you look and feel confident!

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Where Can You Shop for Bra-sized Swimwear?

Swimsuit shopping can be hard no matter your shape and size, but it's especially difficult for the busty among us. Getting the support you need can be a real struggle when shopping at department stores and even specialty swim shops. Cup-sized swim is not generally carried at these stores, which tend to carry alpha (S, M, L) and dress size (6, 8, 10, 12) swimsuits. These choices can be a good fit for women with small to average sized breasts but can be a real disappointment for women with bigger boobs, whether their ribcages are a petite 30 band or a curvy 42. So if you're lucky enough to have one in your area, head to your local bra fitting boutique, where you will find bra-sized swim in a vast array of styles.

If you can’t find a local boutique that carries bra-sized swimwear, you can always shop online at www.thebragenie.com for a large assortment of stylish and supportive swimsuits, year-round. Our fitters are only a phone call away and ready to help you find your perfect new swimsuit.

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Trust a Fit Specialist

Because there are nearly 180 different bra-sized swim options, shopping for bra-sized swim can be overwhelming. That's where a team of expertly trained fitters comes in.

There's no point in shopping for bra-sized swim if you don't know your bra size. Develop a relationship with the fit experts at your local bra fitting boutique; they know how each brand runs and can bring you styles to fit and flatter your unique body. You'll be able to try on a variety of styles in much less time than if you pulled them from the floor yourself, getting you in and out of the store quickly and confidently. Hey, you may even have fun bathing suit shopping!

Most bra fitting boutiques realize that if you don't look good, they don't look good, so you can trust their staff to give you honest opinions along with advice on styles and accessories to enhance your resort look. Think of the trained experts at your local fitting boutique as your own personal lingerie and swim stylists.

It’s time you discover cup-sized swimwear that’s even more supportive than your BFF. Book your Complimentary Swim Fitting Appointment at one of our three Bra Genie Fit Boutiques or browse our entire swim collection here!


Jeanne "Genie" Emory, Founder of Bra Genie & Mary Catherine Emory, Marketing Director and Assistant Buyer

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