2022 Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Self Love

Valentine's Day is a holiday well known for love, romance, and intimacy, but this Holiday that once was only associated with love between two people has become so much more!

Love is not biased, it comes in many forms. Valentine's Day is a holiday that can be celebrated by all. Even spending this day with your favorite gal pals has become a popular tradition known as Galentine's Day. But because we all deserve to feel loved, whether we're single or in a relationship, the best person to show love to is YOURSELF.

So what does this mean for you this Valentine's Day? It could mean that you put on a comfy PJ set and watch your favorite rom-com. Or it could mean taking the time to get dolled up in a sassy lingerie set to surprise your partner. Whether you are wearing something sexy or something cozy there is no wrong way to celebrate, just do what makes you feel good. So show love to yourself, your partner, or your friends this Valentine's Day, because there is nothing like the warm fuzzy feeling of LOVE. I hope this gift guide inspires you to love yourself a little more.

Becca Michelet

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