Why Every Woman Should Own a Red Bra

A bright red lipstick smile. A sweet, ripe cherry. An elegant, long stem rose. Most will agree there is something exciting about the color red. 

For me, each of these evoke a sophisticated elegance, and for many years I've made it a habit to wear a red bra each week on Friday. This habit started out as my way to express excitement for the closure of the work week and for the fun possibilities the weekend might hold. It has evolved into a routine; a bit of a heartfelt celebration under my clothes. Sometimes I don't even wait until Friday, and sport a red bra on a boring Tuesday! I have several in my bra drawer: one smooth Fantasie t-shirt bra in a wine color, a lacey and luxurious Empreinte in bright red, and a wireless comfy pop of color bralette from Cosabella! Which red bra will I wear today? Do I feel sleek and modern, or am I feeling more lacy and feminine? 

Here's something magical about a red bra: if it's a blue-red, it will often disappear under the colors cream and white! Imagine yourself in a crisp white blouse or soft cream sweater, and only you know that there's a beautiful red bra underneath! If you're feeling frisky, you may even wish to couple it with the matching panty.

The color red is powerful, and therefore empowering. Instead of adding another black bra to your lingerie drawer, opt for a red one instead. It pairs especially well with outfits that are predominantly black or navy. Try it out for yourself.  

Here are some of my favorites that are available in store now.

PrimaDonna Madison


Le Mystere Lace Allure


Montelle Flirt


Anita Abby


Chantelle Rive Gauche


None of us feel confident 100% of the time. Caring for ourselves by wearing beautiful lingerie underneath instills our own sense of personal empowerment. As women, we are often caretakers of children, animals, our partners and our elderly parents. But who is taking care of us? Self-care is imperative to being able to help others, and there is nothing selfish about it. You are beautiful and you are worth it. Add a red bra or two to your wardrobe basics and watch your self confidence bloom!

Shop all of our red bras here!

xoxo - Jeanne "Genie" Emory, Founder of Bra Genie

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  • Emily

    Wow! A red bra under white! So pretty!!

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