Panty Talk: Which Panty Should You Buy and Why?

The value of a good panty can sometimes be overlooked. It’s the thing you know you need, but often forget about when you’re shopping. Just like you need a perfect fitting bra, you also need a panty to match! 
Why are we stopping internet traffic to have a conversation about underwear? Because the right panty can literally change the way you move through life and we want you to be at your absolute best!
Let’s walk through some key panty styles and when you should add them to your wardrobe.

What is a Thong?

Don’t skip out on this panty just yet! Thongs have a bad reputation for being uncomfortable, but it's really just about finding the right thong for your own body (and booty). Thongs are great for really form fitting pieces that require a seamless look with no visible panty lines. They are the option with the least amount of coverage, therefore the least detectable underneath clothing. Thongs will always reveal the majority of your derriere, but come in low-waisted and high-waisted options depending on your preferred tummy coverage. Thongs can have a skinnier string back, also known as a g-string, or a wider fabric back. Your booty shape will determine which is more comfortable, but typically the wider backed thongs are touted for being the comfiest. Check out the Chantelle Soft Stretch Thong Panty. If you are looking for the most comfortable thong ever, this is it.

What is a Brief?

We will keep it brief (pun intended). Brief panties cover the majority of your butt and the waist band usually stops below the navel. These are a fan favorite for those who like to have a little more support in the tummy area. The leg tends to be a bit more rounded and offers great coverage for the hips and booty. Quite frankly they are just so doggone comfortable! Briefs typically come in mid-rise and high-rise coverage options, which just changes where the panty will hit your waist. The TC Fine Edge Brief Panty is soft and seamless!. You can still get the coverage you love with no visible panty line.

What is a Boyshort?

There is something about wearing a boyshort that instantly gives you a feeling of comfort. Like briefs, boyshorts tends to be a more modest option but have even lower leg cuts offering more coverage on the lower hips. These are great for everyday wear and can provide a seamless, VPL-free look for bigger booties. They can also be cute for lounging about or to wear underneath a dress when you're in need of a flash-proof bottom. The TC Fine Edge Contemporary Boyshort features a silicone finish at the leg openings that keeps you looking seamless and comfortable, without rolling.
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What is a Bikini?

Think of a bikini as the thong and brief's love child. They tend to be lower cut on the hips than a brief with a higher cut leg while still providing moderate back coverage. Not to be confused as swimwear, but definitely inspired by, bikini undies are great as everyday undies. Try this super functional Proof Leak Free Black Lace Cheeky that is great for that time of the month, but also really cute for every day!


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 What is a Hipster?

Hipster panties are a combination of a boyshort and a bikini panty. Sitting lower on the hips with low cut leg holes, this panty offers more coverage than a bikini but less rear coverage than a boyshort. You can wear this with low-rise or hipster pants (a classic 90s style combo), a dress that may have cut outs on the stomach, or just because you like them! Try the Le Mystere Second Skin Hipster Panty in Pink Quartz, you can also pair this with the seamless Second Skin bra to match!
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What is a Shaper Panty?

Shapewear panties come in two shapes: shaper briefs and shaper thongs. They typically feature shaping material through the tummy and hips designed to help smooth and hold as desired without discomfort. They are the perfect, everyday blend between a regular panty and shapewear. If you want to add a good shaper panty to your wardrobe, try the Leonisa High Waist Brief Shaper Panty
So which panties should you get in a bunch? Well that depends on your lifestyle and comfort level. We offer an extensive everyday wear collection such as our favorite Chantelle Soft Stretch or TC Fine Invisible Edge which are offered in bundles with added savings! Or if you want to take your everyday look up a level, opt to wear the matching panty that coordinates with your bra. You'll feel confident and put together.
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