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Sport bra? Sports bra? Whatever you call it, these pieces are an integral part of your bra wardrobe. Some folks use the term “sports bra” for something stretchy that you pull over your head that provides minimal support. In my world, this is a leisure bra. The styles we are looking at today are bra sized, so they are fitted to your unique body, and are meant to provide support for more moderate to high impact activities such as strength training, cheer, or running. When fitted properly, a good sports bra should provide you with high support and create little to no bounce. Minimizing bounce is important not only to prevent pain, but also to preserve Cooper’s ligaments, which work to support breast tissue. These can pop due to bounce and once they pop, there’s no un-popping them. This is why it’s important that even young ladies have proper support. Protect the ligaments!

Ok, now that I’ve had my soapbox moment, let’s get to our top 5 styles for 2023. When I pulled this list, I saw a few styles that we have loved for years, but I was very excited to see one of our newer additions make the cut as well. Let’s start with her!

#5 - The Anita Performance WireX Sports Bra

This bra is from a brand whose Active line has been a part of our vault for almost as long as we have been around. The WireX is the newest Anita sports bra in our lineup. This bra is designed for high impact control while also innovating a new idea for added comfort. The wire of this bra sits in a channel that runs on the outside of the bra! Let me try to explain. From your body there is a layer of soft pique which has no stretch, so provides its own support. Next is a layer of perforated fabric which as more support as well as allows for excellent breathability and sweat management. THEN the underwire is built into a channel that sits on top of those first two materials. In doing this they are layering support on support for excellent control and providing additional comfort. The ergonomically tailored comfort straps are a bit wider in the middle where they sit on your shoulders and slightly cushioned to offer both comfort and support once again. They are also easily adjusted from the front which makes adjusting them for yourself a breeze. That previously mentioned pique and perforated fabric also allows for superior sweat management. All in all, this bra is a great option if you are looking for a comfort focused style that does not sacrifice support. Oh, did I mention that Anita uses all hypoallergenic materials in their construction? We are so excited to have the Performance WireX in our rotation, and clearly so are our clients!

#4 – Energise by Elomi

To those reading this stateside, no, that is not a spelling error. This style is brought to us by our neighbors across the pond at the UK based brand, Elomi. Elomi is a brand well known among the curvier or plus size set. They create styles and shapes for those who are more blessed in the chest and are a favorite of many of our clientele. This bra comes in an expansive cup range for those with larger breasts while also offering superior containment and support. It is made from a microfiber material and uses a two-ply design to enhance that bounce control. This plus size sports bra is designed not to smush the breast tissue, but to fully support each girl while keeping them separated. This both prevents the dreaded uni-boob and helps minimize all the joys that boob sweat can bring. The straps are fully adjustable, which is a BIG plus for those of us with a shorter torso, and they also feature a j-hook which allows for the straps to be worn as a racer back. This adds one more component of enhanced support. I like to refer to this as, “Go Mode.” Once that j-hook is engaged, I am locked and loaded and ready to go!

#3 – Panache Sports Bra

If you have shopped with us for a sports bra in store then you have likely met the Panache Sports bra. She used to primarily be available in this cute purple hue with a light grey accent, but now comes in a variety of basic colors we love. This was my first sports bra from Bra Genie back in the day, and I like to compare her to a piece of armor. What I mean by this is that once I was strapped into this bra, I imagined it was like wearing a breast plate designed exactly to my dimensions. Those puppies weren’t going ANYWHERE! This style has a higher neckline which helps to contain your breasts from the top as well as everywhere else which results in that near zero bounce factor. The outer layer of performance material and mesh at the high center allow for moisture wicking and breathability while the padded mesh straps and silicone encased underwires offer comfort. There is a j-hook and O ring where the padded strap meets the adjustable band to allow for a racerback option. (Go Mode!) With its superior impact control, I would recommend this activewear style for even the most extreme sports.

#2 – Air Control by Anita

Air Control is about the most accurately named bra I have met. This bestselling sports bra is constructed primarily of an ultra-light mesh that allows for extreme ease of airflow to your skin. This ultra breathable top layer is paired with a triangular foam cup that features a microfiber lining that feels very soft against your skin. This bra offers a deceptive level of support which makes it a good partner on a run or other high impact workout. You may be surprised to learn that this is a no-wire style! That, combined with its padded straps and previously mentioned features makes this arguably the most comfortable style in our top 5. Also, with the netted exterior and cut outs from the foam cup to allow for added airflow, this style is the one I would be most inclined to call sexy on our list. All in all, Air Control is a supportive, comfortable, and fashionable style that would pair well with any athleisure or workout wear either underneath a top or on its own.

#1 – Panache Sculptresse Unlined Sports Bra

Earning our #1 spot, as voted on by our clients purchases this past year, is the Sculptresse Sports Bra. Forgive me if I gush, but this is my very favorite sports bra and I was so excited to see that I am only one of many who have fallen in love with it. The Sculptresse line is made by Panache and caters to a fuller-figured client. While the Panache brand has an incredibly expansive cup range, Sculptresse carries that into some of our larger band sizes as well. Let me tell you why I love this bra. I love the way it feels and I love the support it provides. The material is moisture wicking and feels very smooth against your skin. All of the seams are actually on the outside of the bra, making for chafe-free cups that don't sacrifice on support. It wears very cool and breathes well. The high neck, similar to the Panache Sports Bra, contains breast tissue from the top which prevents bounce. The perforated mesh straps are padded for comfort and feature a j-hook with o ring to allow for this style to be worn as a racerback, or T-back, which ups that support factor. The classic Panache underwire provides great pull-in from the sides which is so nice when you are engaging your arms during a run or similar activity. This full-bust sports bra has been my ride or die on all of my big runs, ranging from a 10K to a marathon, and I honestly would choose her again and again. If you are looking for a style that is more lightweight than the Panache Sports Bra but provides that same extreme level of support this is a great option.

Well, there you have it. Our Best Sports Bra Styles according to our clients. Your new favorite may be on this list! When you are shopping for a sports bra make sure to communicate with your fitter about the types of activities you will be participating in and this will allow for them to best guide you toward a style or styles that will offer the impact control you need. You can book a complimentary fitting here or walk in to any of our locations.

Remember ladies, you can’t un-pop those ligaments so make sure your bra matches your activity. As we all venture into the great unknown of 2024 I wish you health, happiness, and time well spent on yourself.

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