How to Prevent Your Bra From Riding Up Your Back

Is your band riding up your back? Does your bra shift and slide around your body? That can be so annoying!
If you are experiencing your bra creeping up your back, we can help you! Think of it as a seesaw. When the band goes up, your breasts sag down. When the band sits level (think parallel to the floor) your breasts will lift up. Just like a seesaw, when one end is leveled, so is the other.
This client was in the wrong size and need a fuller coverage bra to give her the proper support. Our Brianna by Elomi bra was the perfect solution for her!
In order for a bra band to stay parallel to the floor, it needs to fit snug. It doesn’t have to be too tight, but it should never be loose. Your back band is actually where around 80% of your bra’s support is coming from. You should be able to slide 2 fingers underneath the band comfortably. If you can’t, your bra may be too tight! Add an extender to your bra or come in to get remeasured. If you can easily pull the band away from your body, try tightening the back hooks of your bra. If they’re as tight as they can go, it’s time for a new bra.
So what’s the main takeaway? When your band is sliding up, that’s your bra telling you it’s too loose. Find a snug bra that stays level to the floor so your girls will live their most lifted and secure life.
Having a bra that fits properly provides ultimate support for your back and shoulder. Faith by Cleo Panache is great for an initial fit because of it's well-rounded support!
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