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Ah, it's that time of year again. Back-to-school season is upon us, bringing both excitement for teenagers and a touch of overwhelm for parents. And for our lovely young ladies stepping into a new phase of their lives, finding the perfect bras is a crucial part of prepping for the school year. Because, let's face it, you can't conquer the world with an ill-fitting bra, right? Fear not, fellow parents! We're here to guide you through this bra-shopping adventure and make it fun. So buckle up, and let's dive into the world of teen bras!

How to know if your daughter needs a bra?

We know it happened so quickly! Just a few days ago she was learning how to walk and now it’s time to buy her a bra! 
When is the right time to bring her in for a bra? It varies for everyone, but we recommend bringing her in for a fitting or a training bra as soon as she is starting to form some visible breast tissue.  

What to Expect for Her First Bra Fitting?

Listen up, moms and dads! The first bra-fitting experience is a significant milestone in a girl's life. We need to approach it with sensitivity and support, making our teens feel comfortable and empowered. Bra Genie, the holy grail of bra fittings, is here to help! Our professionals will provide expert guidance and make sure we pick the right size and style. Trust us; our friendly and knowledgeable staff knows all about teens and their unique needs. We will create an experience that leaves your teen feeling fabulous and confident. It's a win-win, my friends!
We’ll start by pairing her with an expert fitter who will act as her personal shopper and cheerleader throughout the process. Mom is welcome to join in the fitting room if she would prefer, whatever makes your teen the most comfortable. Her fitter will take some measurements over her top to know what size to start with, then come back with a fit bra to confirm that size. From there, the dress-up fun begins! Our fitters will pull some styles that work best for your teen’s day-to-day activities and needs. Book her first fitting here!

What kind of bra should your daughter wear?

Well, that depends on their size. We carry bras for pre-teens and teens with budding breasts as well as already-developed girls needing a bit more coverage. 
Trust us, this isn't just about picking any old bra off the rack. No, this is about finding THE ONE. The bra that will boost your teen's confidence, and make them feel like they're walking on cloud nine. We’ll measure, analyze, and ensure those girls are supported and comfortable.

Here are a few styles we recommend as trusted first bras:

Cosabella Ana Sweetheart Tween Wireless Bra 

This training bralette is perfect for tweens embarking on their bra journey! It features a wire-free design with a comfy double-layer cotton base and light removable pads for modesty without a push-up effect.


Super soft and completely reversible, Oomla bras are made from a patented design that hugs without binding and requires no padding to hide nipples. Designed without hardware – no clips, clasps, strap adjusters or wires - so there’s nothing digging into her skin.


On Gossamer Next to Nothing Wireless

Designed for a petite frame, this wireless t-shirt bra has a simple design she’ll love. Light padding throughout this bra provides a smooth look and the thin, fully adjustable straps stay hidden beneath her outfit. With a barely-there feel, she’ll be reaching for this bra over and over.


Evelyn & Bobbie The Bobbie Scoop

Based on one of our bestselling wireless bras, the Bobbie Scoop bralette is paired down with a lower, round neckline and thinner, invisible straps. With a seamless design, it’s totally invisible under those pesky white uniform tops. This is a great option if she’s already developed some breast tissue and is continuing to grow as this bra will accommodate a few cup sizes.


Freya Idol T-Shirt Bra

 This is one of our most popular bras to support the girls! It is a classic molded cup with a slight plunge and sweetheart neckline. Idol is great for everyday and weekend wear! Book an appointment to try her on!

Montelle Pure Plus

Great for the girl who’s developing quickly, our Pure Plus bra provides extra support for her growing bust. With lightly padded cups, she’ll feel contained but not constricted. And the smooth lace back is a feminine touch that will have her feeling fabulous.

Elomi Charley

Another great option for already blooming busts. Our Charley bra is made with a lightweight spacer fabric that stretches with the breasts as they grow. Perfect as an everyday t-shirt bra option for school!

Curvy Couture Sheer Mesh Plunge T-Shirt Bra

Sheer Mesh is a classic lightweight t-shirt bra that will be an easy choice for busy mornings! It features a smooth sheer mesh overlay and light padding for a touch of modesty. 

Anita Air Control Sports Bra 

The double-layered design, combining terry-lined light foam and ultra-light mesh, offers superior breathability and moisture-wicking properties, keeping your daughter cool and dry throughout her most active days. Its unique triangular shape foam firmly holds the bust in place, ensuring a secure yet comfortable fit. Great for running down the hallway or running up the field.

Need more style inspiration? Check out these junior bra recommendations.

You don't have to go through this new phase of parenthood alone. Our staff at Bra Genie will make you and your child feel welcome. We’ll answer all your burning questions and ease any worries. We’ll be there to offer advice and guidance, like a guardian angel of bra wisdom.

So, buckle up, parents, because your teen's first bra-fitting experience is about to go down in the books. It's a rite of passage, a moment of growth, and a chance for your teen to step into their power. With Bra Genie by your side, this journey will be a fabulous one. Let's face it, folks, we're raising the next generation of fierce and fabulous women, one bra at a time!
As your teen gears up to conquer the school year, finding the perfect bras is a non-negotiable part of their journey to maturity. Don't worry, Bra Genie has got you covered (literally!). With over 180 sizes and thousands of bras in stock, we cater to the unique needs of growing teens (and adults too, just saying). Our expert fitters will navigate those pesky growth spurts and ever-changing body shapes, ensuring a personalized and comfortable fit. Because let's face it, a well-fitted bra can work miracles!
So, don't miss out on this golden opportunity for your child to experience the game-changing magic of a bra that fits. Feeling comfortable and confident starts at the base layer!
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