A Guide to Navigating Her First Period with Period Panties

Picture this: it's an ordinary day, birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and you're just having a ball when BAM! Out of nowhere, your daughter says that Aunt Flo decides to drop by unannounced. Oh, the audacity! 
Now you have to guide your daughter through the beautiful experience of menstruation. Thankfully she will now have access to a secret weapon that you probably had no idea would even exist when you had your first period. But it’s not too late, you both can enjoy the wonderful invention of period panties. 

Proof to the Rescue

Before you run to the store for a massive wad of pads, let's talk about the unsung heroes of the period world: period panties! Many pads or tampons on the market are composed of harmful materials that cause irritation or other issues that may make this time of the month even more dreadful than it already is. A rash and a period are not a combination that we would wish on anyone.
Women have experienced excruciating periods for ages. It’s quite a bummer for so many of us who constantly do this every. single. month. We want better for the next generation. Pads and tampons may have ruled the aisles of period care for the past few decades, but period panties are here to change that.
These magical undergarments are designed to save the day by keeping you both leak-free and dry. Your daughter can have a pair readily available to wear for when she starts her period. And let’s face it, they’re a whole lot less scary than figuring out how to use a tampon on Aunt Flo’s first visit. It’s period protection that’s as easy as changing your underwear. Who knew that panties could have such a confidence-boosting superpower? Here at Bra Genie, we carry Proof for every type of flow: Light, Moderate, and Heavy in sizes XS-3X.
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Not So Fun Fact: the average woman will throw away a whopping 11,000 pads and 14,000 tampons in her lifetime. And brace yourself for the shocker – they can take up to a jaw-dropping 800 years to decompose! Can you imagine your used pad/tampon outliving you for centuries? All this waste finds its cozy home in landfills, rivers, and oceans, contributing to the mind-boggling 8 million tons of plastic waste dumped into the ocean each year. Proof is like your trusty, eco-friendly sidekick – wear it just like regular undies and let the super absorbent Leak-Loc™ core handle the rest.
When the day's done and dusted, give Proof a gentle machine wash with cold water and mild detergent like our favorite Soak Wash. No more landfill waste, no more oceanic offenses. Proof is here to save the day and the planet. Would you rather spend hundreds of dollars on pads annually or invest in reusable undies that are way more comfortable and sustainable?
Is Proof the only period panty brand on the market? No. So why are we raving about them? 
  • Leak-Loc Edges- Has your pad/tampon ever shifted and you ended up with some leakage on the seams of your panties or pants? Proof’s triple-patented Leak-Loc technology has multi-layered defense to prevent seepage. 

  • First Period Friendly- Proof is a great option to start your daughter off on a healthy relationship with her period. Pads or tampons can be scary for her first time, but wearing period panties is just like putting on a regular pair of underwear.

  • Sustainability- Not only should we take care of our bodies, but also the world that we live in. Proof period panties are a more sustainable option than plastic-filled disposable tampons, pads, or liners. 1 pair of Proof panties can prevent you from having to use 1-4 tampons per day! No more waste!

  • Long-Lasting Protection- Proof panties use an absorbent, antimicrobial yarn instead of a chemical coating. That means its absorbency powers won’t wash away as you clean them like other less expensive period panties.

    Add our vegan Soak laundry detergent for easy cleaning.
    We could go on and on, but we will spare you the gushing (no pun intended). Despite the rollercoaster ride that is menstruation, we must remind her that it's a natural and beautiful part of being a woman. We can teach our daughters to confidently rule the day without feeling shame about our periods. 
    Remind her that she is not alone in this journey. Together, we can slay the stigma, break the taboos, and laugh in the face of Aunt Flo's surprise visits. So, go forth, conquer the world, and let your period flow freely! Until next time, come visit us at Bra Genie and try a pair of Proof Leak Free Period Panties
    Disclaimer: The content of this blog is meant for entertainment purposes only. If you have any concerns about your menstrual health, please consult a medical professional.

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