Back to School Shopping: 4 Bras Your Teen Will Need

As the summer sun starts to set and the alarm clocks regain their powers of annoyance, we know what time it is. That's right, it's time to brace yourselves for the ultimate quest: school clothes shopping! But fear not, for we've got your back, especially when it comes to the ever-so-delicate topic of teenage bras.
Now, we all know that navigating the realm of teenage fashion can be trickier than trying to parallel park in downtown New Orleans. And let's not even get started on the quest for the perfect bra! We've done the legwork, the boobwork, and everything in between to bring you the ultimate guide to bra shopping for your teen. Trust us, we've seen it all – from bra straps doubling as bungee cords to cups that could store enough snacks for a full-blown movie marathon. So come on in and let’s find her some new bras!
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1. Uniform-Friendly Bras

Cracking the Dress Code Conundrum

When it comes to finding the right bra to rock under those uniform shirts, we suggest something smooth and seamless.
If there's one bra that deserves a gold medal in the art of subtle lift and seamless perfection, it's the classic T-shirt bra! When finding the right option for your teen, we will consider the material of her everyday clothing, breast tissue, skin tone, and more. Feel free to bring her uniform to the fitting so that we can make sure she has the perfect fit.

2. Convertible Bras

Style These Bra in Multiple Ways

Now, let's talk versatility and style. Who doesn't want that? Enter J-hook bras, the superheroes of teenage bra wear. A J-hook is a small loop on one of the bra straps that hooks to the other strap to form a racerback. How cool is that? We have an assortment of J-hook bras for sports and everyday wear, giving your teen the freedom to rock a comfortable and fashionable fit. Because we all know that slaying the fashion game is a top priority, right? Convertible bras come in unlined, padded, or sports styles.

3. Strapless Bras

School Dance Essential

Homecoming will be here before you know it and strapless bras are the secret weapon she will need for those school dances, parties, and events where she wants to rock some off-the-shoulder styles without any pesky straps cramping her style.
Strapless bras often come with detachable straps, but they shouldn’t be worn as an everyday bra. She can easily convert a strapless bra for an asymmetrical or halter style because the straps tend to be skinnier for those purposes. 

4. Sports Bras

Bust Support for After School Activities

Calling all active teens! We know you're out there, living your best lives through extracurricular activities and sports. But guess what? Proper support is everything! Have you ever heard of Cooper’s Ligaments? 
They're the connective tissue underneath the skin that maintains the structure and shape of the breast to prevent sagging. Without proper support, Cooper's Ligaments are susceptible to irreversible damage.
This is why it is never too early to buy a great supportive bra for her to wear during those extracurricular activities. Athleisure bras and specially designed bra-sized sports bras are on two different planets when it comes to support. Athleisure bras - those stretchy, wire-free sports bras that slip over your head - rely on compression and are fine for low-impact activities but not much more. A bra-sized sports bra uses encapsulation and compression to minimize breast movement (aka bounce), working well for medium and high-impact activities. They're typically made from stronger fabrics and have added features like moisture control, breathable mesh, or racerback abilities for versatile use. In 20 years, when she’s still perky, she will have you to thank for that! 
The upside to having over 180 sizes and 6000+ bras in stock is that we provide her with many options. The downside is that she may want to buy all of them, but that’s a good problem to have, right? Now that you are armed with this new knowledge, you can walk into Bra Genie like a pro. 
Before you go, we are giving you some homework! 
Grab your teen and take the time to browse the selections we provided! Who doesn’t love a good nighttime browsing session? After, you can book your fitting appointment here, call us, or walk-in! We will see you soon!

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