What to Expect during a bra fitting?

We understand that the thought of having a bra fitting is intimidating. Because of the unknown, women put off being professionally fit and settle for less than perfect fitting bras. Eight out of ten women are in the wrong size! At Bra Genie we strive to make every client feel comfortable and secure. Our expert fitters will educate you on proper technical bra fit and will help you look and feel your best... Guaranteed!

  1. Your fitter will introduce herself and ask you about your lifestyle and undergarment needs.
  2. You will be measured over your bra in 3 places: above the bust, across the bust and below the bust. Your fitter then uses "bra math" and her experience to determine the first size and style she will try.
  3. Your fitter will then go to our bra "Vault" with over 10,000 styles and sizes to choose from and will return with a couple of bras in the size and style she thinks could possibly work for you.
  4. You will be asked to face a non-mirrored part of the fitting room while your fitter assists you into the first bra. Standing behind you, your fitter will help you into the first bra, checking the back band for fit and adjusting the straps. You will be reminded to bend forward and scoop your side breast tissue into the cups of the bra. You can usually have as much privacy as you need while at the same time allowing your fitter to assess the fit. Your fitter will make size and style changes for your body type and needs and will do all the legwork.
  5. The first bra is not always the one you leave with, but it tells your fitter where to go; bigger or smaller in the band and/or bigger or smaller in the cup. It will also guide her in choosing styles. It is amazing how quickly an experienced fitter can outfit you with everything you need to enhance your foundation wardrobe. Everyday, elegant, fun & flirty, sleep bras, bra-sized sport bra, bra-sized swimwear, and even great smoothing shapewear choices for your body type. It's amazing what well-fitted foundations will do for a woman's confidence!