"This store truly lives its mission of empowering and supporting (lol, double meaning) its customers. The customer service is kind, the products are incredible, and their staff does a fantastic job of promoting body positivity on every level. This store is what every other lingerie store and brand SHOULD be." -Genevieve

"I was in your store last Friday for a bra fitting, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU. For the first time in - well, forever - I don't feel like I want to rip the bra off my body and throw it away! Everything fits great, my clothes fit better, and my back doesn't hurt anymore. My experience with your store was fantastic. Dana helped me out SO much and was so patient and very, very nice! Everything was great and I will definitely be back - I even asked my husband for a gift certificate from there for Christmas (I hope you sell gift certificates)." - Karen

"Well, I think it's time to make the switch, and toss my old underwear out with the trash! I've never been one for the "snug" feeling of boxer briefs, that's why I've always settled with the looseness of plain old boxers.

I'm a full time working chef, not one to sit in the office all day, I'm always on my feet and moving. So, needless to say, things tend to get a little heated in more ways than one in the kitchen. I love the breathable fabric and the support "my boys" are getting from the performance boxer briefs. Comparable to lounging in a comfy hammock, cradled, but with the freedom to shuffle around a bit if needed. I can move without feeling jostled and the fabric allows for more air and less chafing. Two thumbs up bragenie, can't wait to stock up!! - John

"Thanks for being so nice and making me feel so comfortable. Thank you for having the best business and most importantly, thanks for the wonderful bras! They feel great, I feel great - it's wonderful! " - Nan

"Thanks so much for the awesome 'lift.' I love my new bras and will be back when I'm finished nursing (or sooner)." - Amy

"Thank you! Thank you! I LOVE my new bras! They all fit so good and I feel so much better when wearing them. My husband says my posture even looks better. Thank you! My appointment was a ton of fun and I'm looking forward to seeing you again!" - George

"Thank you again for your help in such a positive bra experience. It's seems that since our appointment, so many people have shared bad past experiences. I will certainly send people your way!" - Michele

"Thank you so much for the bra fitting you did last Saturday. You provided a great service I have never experienced. Thank you for the best fitting and best looking bras I've ever had!" - Kathy

"I have to be honest, when you opened the door I thought, 'this lady doesn't know what it's like...how is she going to fit me? She is beautiful and thin, not short and squatty.' But you did!!! When the first think you said after measuring me was that you wanted to pull me in on the sides I thought...'Oh my God, someone who knows what they are looking at.'

The whole experience was wonderful. You made me feel very comfortable. On the way home I cried because for the first time I can drive and my boobs don't hit my arms or just lay there pulling on my back. They look smaller. I can see my toes. I don't have a 5 mile long cleavage. I can hug people and walk and they don't get in the way. I don't adjust but maybe once a day versus all day long. My whole family noticed that I have a waist and thought I lost weight.

Words cannot express what you have done for me. For the first time in my life, I can get dressed and don't feel fat, gross or want to stay home because of how I look. I haven't once shed a tear out of frustration. My self esteem has increased so much. I appreciate what you and your bras have done for me." - Cassy

"I just want to thank you for such a wonderful experience. I am thrilled with my new purchases (and so is my 'beau'). I look forward to expanding my selections in the months to come." - Traci

Two weeks ago, I entered your beautiful salon for a fitting. I was immediately struck by the professionals who guide the process. From sign-in to check-out, I was handled with positive personal care. Specifically, Karen, my consultant did not make me feel bad about having entered wearing the wrong size bra. In fact, I left more educated and confident. I went from wearing a 34DD (as fitted by a common ladies intimate store last year) to a comfortable, properly fitted 28FF/28G. Karen ensured that I understood how my bras should fit and that I had intimate wear for several occasions.

I could not be more pleased with this process. It was transformative! I did not just get new bras; I received an education in proper fitting and wear. Although I chose to spend alot (over $400), it was an investment in my confidence and womanhood. I highly recommend your store to not just women in the area, but any woman who can make it to your store. After all, we deserve it!

You have a spokesperson in me and a customer for life! -Kawana